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While I got this blog on lock, I should announce I’m shutting down Carlos-manofblood

Sorry to those who took interest in him but I can’t work with him at all.

I will still roleplay with him here if anyone ever wants to talk to him but aside from that, no more Douchelos

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Me: yeeeeeeah?
Mom: whatcha doing?
Me: getting ready to leave
Mom: oh, hey, mommy has had a rough day s-
Me: want a bottle of wine?
Mom: please
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Steve is currently unavaliable

Blame Earl for breaking him

Anyways, Nathan will be back soon as well as for now I’ll be with Tony

Go bug the Iron Man

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Jared Padalecki

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Here have some flower crown icons 

x original photos not mine
x original flower crowns not mine

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So, I did some Jared icons earlier today but this is the first time I could post ‘em. As usual, just like/reblog to spread them and let me know if you’re using them. Crediting would be nice. I’ve never asked for credit before so yeah ~ padasnow

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